Tile Installation

before your new tile is installed in your home

When you choose Haight Carpet & Interiors in Woodinville, WA for your tile flooring installation, expect a seamless experience. Before your scheduled installation day, we'll review all the specifics to ensure a smooth process. Clear furniture and any other items to provide our crews with ample space to work. Address any subfloor issues beforehand to guarantee a hassle-free installation process.

Tile Installation | Haight Carpet & Interiors

during your Tile Installation

Our team takes care of every detail during the tile flooring installation process. Our installers work efficiently to lay your tile flooring seamlessly and securely. Having an adult present at home on installation day is crucial to oversee the process and address any questions or concerns. For safety, keep children and pets out of the installation area.

Kitchen tile flooring | Haight Carpet & Interiors

after your Tile Installation

After your tile flooring installation is complete, it's important to refrain from walking on the tiles for a period to allow them to settle properly. You may notice some odor from the installation or new flooring materials during this time. To help mitigate this smell, consider ventilating the area by opening windows or using fans.